"The Crew really liked the orientation! From the first moment ashore, they felt like they were in a safe environment and we have not experienced that before. We really liked the contact list of Hospitals, Police Stations, public transport, restaurants etc.

The contractors have been super respectful and clearly briefed on where they could go whilst on board. We have not had to clean up after any of them as they were all conscious of our high standards.

MCA Projects has communicated clearly and we all know what we want to achieve each week. MCA do not work 8 to 5 and so are always available to solve a problem! We have already recommended other superyachts come to the facility."

Chief Stewardess, Zayntana Jonsson – MY Endless Summer

"It is our first time at The Yard Brisbane’s Facility and we have found the team to be very organised and professional! It was a terrific workplace health and safety induction as we were quickly made familiar with TYB safety and procedures which gave the crew a lot of comfort. It was also really good to be taken on a guided tour of facility.

MCA projects at TYB have been excellent. They know their stuff and communication is very good. The TYB accounting process is also excellent. 

TYB has impressed me so much that it we will be coming back for our 1 year ABS in the second half of this year."

Captain Tony Hodgson - MY Endless Summer

"After this, our second haul out at TYB you have again proved to be an efficient facility focused on getting the job done. 

It is refreshing to work with a motivated group with a “we can do that” attitude, which goes for both your crew at TYB and a number of your onsite tenants who provided services for us.

Over the last year I know there has been a push to become a more Super Yacht friendly facility, in the year between my visits, the improvements are apparent, and I have no doubt that The Yard Brisbane will soon be a widely recognized force within the South Pacific Super Yacht industry.

Thanks again and all the very best for 2018!"

Captain Mark Phelps – SY MYSTERE