The Yard Brisbane's quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) management system (QHSEMS) is designed to ensure quality, work health and safety (WHS) and environmental management in our business activities. As a company we take our obligations for QHSE management seriously and are committed to meeting our legal obligations and providing services that meet customer requirements, to managing WHS and to protecting the environment.

Effective QHSE management ensures that the company:

  • Consistently provides services that meet customer requirements and meets applicable statutory and regulatory requirements

  • Facilitates opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction and quality performance

  • Provides resources and demonstrates conformity to QHSEMS requirements

  • Prevents or minimises the risk of WHS or environmental incidents

  • Manages changes in a way that does not lead to new QHSE hazards or risks

  • Achieves financial and operational benefits from improved QHSE performance

  • Controls or influences the way products and services are designed, manufactured, distributed, consumed and disposed by using a lifecycle perspective

  • Communicates QHSE information with relevant interested parties

Our QHSEMS is the cornerstone of how we manage QHSE and applies across the company. For QHSE management to be effective, everyone must understand and meet the organisations expectations and their responsibilities. Our QHSEMS comprises our QHSE Manual along with our QHSE Policy, procedures, site standards and other documented information. Following our QHSEMS ensures a good culture for management, positive leadership and behaviours to ensure the company meets its QHSE commitments and goals. Thank you for taking the time to understand our arrangements for QHSE management and for fulfilling the spirit and the word of our QHSEMS. It is important the information makes sense and is useful to you. If you do not understand what is required, please ask. We look forward to working with you in our continued commitment and journey for QHSE management.